The Latest MEI Awards 2020-2022 MEI Awards
Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
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  • In order to meet the needs of rapid, safe and efficient railway transportation, the track maintenance sections of railway bureaus need to replace the invalid concrete sleepers frequently to ensure the traffic safety, which is one of the important work contents of railway speed increase. The replacement of sleepers can be carried out by railway sleeper changing machine. The railway sleeper changing machine can be used to install and replace the sleepers, and can also clear and arrange the stones that hinder the work. At present, the way of replacing sleepers by railway departments is still mainly manual work. Manual replacement of sleepers is labor-intensive, slow and inefficient. In order to speed up the replacement, even if one sleeper is replaced, four or five people are required to complete a skylight point. In order to improve the speed and efficiency of railway sleeper replacement, railway sleeper changing machine can be used. Its function is to install and replace sleepers. The replacement of sleepers is carried out in the interval time of train operation. Too few operators will affect normal operation due to too slow speed. However, the cost of manual replacement of sleepers is high and the efficiency is low. In order to solve the problem of high cost and low efficiency, it is necessary to use sleeper replacement machinery to replace manual operation. The railway sleeper changing machine can install sleepers in the initial stage of railway construction, or clean the stones beside the sleepers and replace the sleepers in the later stage of construction.

    High Quality Jg80L 8 Ton Railway Crawler Cheap Excavator with Sleeper Changer
  • Replace trees with calcium carbonate,reduce tree cutting,made into paper,books,packaging bags,handbags and so on. Widely used in packaging materials, construction, decoration and other aspects. Low cost,large volume,we have also become the number one exporter of stone paper manufacturing in China. Replace trees with calcium carbonate,reduce tree cutting,made into paper,books,packaging bags, handbags and so on. Widely used in packaging materials,construction, decoration and other aspects. Low cost,large volume,we have also become the number one exporter of stone paper manufacturing in China.

    CaCO3 PE Stone Paper Production Line Stone Paper Making Machinery
  • Plastic Can PS PP Idpe PVC HDPE Pet Bottle Crushing Machine
  • Optical Inspection Machine
  • High Performance Automatic High Speed Ab Double Layers Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine HDPE/LDPE/PE Blown Film Machinery Plastic
Consumer Electronics
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Industrial Equipment & Components
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Electrical & Electronics
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Construction & Decoration
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Lights & Lighting
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Sporting Goods & Recreation
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  • This instant pop up dome tent is a 2-in-1 multi-function tent,not only can be used as a camping tent,the detachable outer tent can be used as a sunshade, gazebo, awning, canopy, etc.It is a good assistant for family camping, couple travel, hiking, parks, fishing. Our camping tent adopts the advanced design of automatic hydraulic system;The fabric is made of high quality 66D 210T polyurethane coated polyester on the market,waterproof and windproof; The frame is upgraded with stable fiberglass rods. This instant pop up tent with double-layer design has a detachable rainfly to achieve its functional diversification.The appearance and color of it are definitely the most popular style nowadays,which will make your friends jealous eyes!

    Two Person Instant Pop up Double-Layer Waterproof Family Inflatable Outdoor Camping Tent for Hiking Backpacking
  • KingSmith X21 foldable treadmill adopts a unique double-folding design. First, the treadmill is folded 180° in half, and then folded 90° with the armrest. It can be stored vertically against the wall and covers an area of only less than 0.16 square meters. It solves the problem of insufficient home exercise space for consumers. X21 treadmill leads a more advanced method of home exercise, enables global users to get a better experience of home fitness. Compared with traditional fitness equipment, the KingSmith X21 foldable treadmill can interact with users in real time through his own APP to solve the problem of lacking interaction and feedback with professionals during exercise. KingSmith has his exclusive online coaching courses, especially running teaching courses. Users can follow up with these training courses to achieve a scientific and effective fat burning exercise. Besides that, the X21 treadmill can realize NFC one-touch connection, ensuring the real time updates between the treadmill data and mobile phones, also the data visualization system enable users to operate more smoothly and conveniently, to satisfy the user's fragmented and lightweight fitness needs.

    Smart Foldable Treadmill X21
  • Yesoul Indoor Exercise Magnetic Bike/Gym Spinning Bike/Free Course and APP
  • The Popular Style Manufacturer Forged CNC Golf Set Club
  • Td210 Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular Small Night Vision Monocular Lightweight Hunting Monocular for Outdoor and Thermal Hunting
Tools & Hardware
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  • This machine is portable, accurate and durable, equipped with diamond grinding wheel made in Taiwan. It can sharpen tip Angle (apex Angle), front cutting edge (front Angle), chip removal groove (back Angle), the size of the central cross edge can be adjusted at will, can replace the center drill more accurate positioning, chip removal and drilling are easier.

    Tx- Z13 3- 13mm Portable High Speed Spiral Drill Bit Grinder with CE
  • Electric torque wrench, adjustable setting torque, accuracy ±4%, stable torque output, not easily affected by voltage fluctuations and long-distance cables, suitable for construction site applications. Continuous rotation without impact, the wrench automatically stops when the preset torque value is reached, and the efficiency is much higher than the intermittently driven hydraulic wrench. Support generator power, field environment, stronger. Numerical control board for torque setting, digital display . Support torque mode, torque + angle mode. The tightening result simulates the judgment and follow function. Automatic memory mode. Any value of torque can be set within the torque range. Using multi-stage gearbox, high reliability and high stability. Supports multilingual operation mode. The torque digital 1Nm adjusts and displays the torque and the working state parameters of the wrench. Background torque calibration function software compensation function. Human-machine interface design is intuitive and convenient, and the LCD screen directly displays the torque value. With double overload protection function, electronic control torque system and torque overload clutch design, effectively improve the service life of transmission parts and carbon brushes. Overheating protection function. Standard reaction arm. Optional Bluetooth module or WIFI module, torque gateway system, support to connect the host computer system and MES management system through the Internet of Things. It can support cranking and door valve locking, with automatic recording of laps and reverse torque control functions. The anti-reaction arm is locked to realize the unloading function. User (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management. Supports the installation of a hoisting system, making it safer to operate at heights.

    Electric Digital Professional Display Electric Power Tool Electric Torque Wrench
  • Compared with traditional electric screwdriver, the core difference of intelligent electric screwdriver is that it uses servo motor and controller to perform tasks, digitally display and record each tightening process and tightening results, so as to realize the digitization of torque and torque. The multi-stage torque task mode, torque control and angle control make the tightening more accurate and fine. At the same time, the tightening records of floating lock and sliding tooth can be better traced to the source, so as to facilitate statistical analysis and provide parameters during accountability. It is very applicable in many precision parts assembly fields.

    Intelligent Servo Screwdriver
  • 28mm Diameter 150mm Length Bristle Rollers with Zinc Plated Handles
  • ISO9001 Factory OEM Spiral Spring on Vending Machine
Health & Medicine
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  • HF608 finger rehabilitation training device is suitable for patients with hand dysfunction caused by stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke hemiplegia, and brain injury. It is a revolutionary and innovative product for hand function rehabilitation. It combines flexible robotic technology and neuroscience theory, using flexible pneumatic bionic muscles as a power source, which can promote finger flexion and extension, reduce muscle tension, promote blood circulation, relieve edema, and prevent muscle atrophy. At the same time, it can help users relearn through exercise from the three levels of nerves, brain, and muscles, and rebuild brain nerves to control the hands' movement.

    Physical Therapy Stroke Recovery Robotic Hand Gloves Recovery Equipment
  • Medical oxygen generator system could supply pure oxygen for all kinds of hospitals and clinics continuously. Medical Oxygen Generators System use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate the oxygen from air. Our Oxygen plant equipment put the air as raw material, zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, under the normal temperature low pressure, using the selectivity of zeolite molecular sieve for oxygen adsorption. The purity is 93%±3%. ETR containerized oxygen generator is consisted of the screw air compressor, air dryer, filters, buffer tanks, oxygen generator, electricity control system and the optional oxygen cylinder filling station. The complete system is installed and tested at factory, delivery to customer s turn-key project. ETR containerized oxygen generator is removable, and make the onsite installation and operation very easy. It can also save the cost for the decoration cost of the machine room. Feature: 1.Turn-key project and removable, easy for installation and operation; 2.Small and easy machine room; 3.Heat and sound insulation treatment; 4.Smart monitor and control system, support for remote data transfer.

    China Manufacture Medical/ Cabin Hospital Psa Oxygen Oxigen O2 Gas Plant Manufacture Price for Cylinder Filling
  • Pediatric Nebulizer Compressor Mash Nebulizer for Kids Mini
  • Hot Selling Orthopedic Combination External Fixator Proximal Tibia External Fixation
  • Surgical Consumables Disposable IBP Transducers Medical IBP Sensor Compatible Utah